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In 2020 I stepped away from the hurly burly of consulting to run a research project on how people successfully make their way through change, calling it Spoon by Spoon. I interviewed 108 people in 27 different countries and after seventy-five hours of conversation, I had enough stories and themes.

In fact there was so much information it turned into 18 months of weekly blog posts. Here are the 70+ posts for your delectation plus feedback on my writing. I’ve also crafted it into a book called Swim, Jump, or Fly: a guide to changing your life. It’ll be out very soon.

I also entered the land of podcasting in 2021, talking to people about the “shoulds” in their lives. Find out more about the Tyranny of the Shoulds podcast here.

I’m a Featured Writer for The Room Psy including this and this. I have written for The Rebel Business School here, two Coaching at Work articles and a report: Sailing Into Stormy Seas for Humanity Works Consultancy (all below). I supported on a chapter of this coaching supervision book and am quoted in BBC Worklife here.

In October 2020 I spoke at the Aspire Reinvent conference about my reinvention from management consultant to writer. There were 1600 women from 60 countries. We all fitted into Zoom. It was a tight squeeze. Here is some delegate feedback and below an edited version of my presentation.

Want to know about my professional qualifications and corporate work experience from before? Then click here.

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