Feedback on speaking

I absolutely loved your webinar presentation on Aspire.

My head is still buzzing from all the amazing talks…Thank you for your time and advice. I absolutely loved the title of your presentation ‘spoon by spoon – how we give ourselves away’. I wrote more after yours than after any of the others, so there must have been quite a lot which resonated. 

I loved your talk. It was amazing and inspiring! 

LOVED your talk. Your story is So powerful and I love hearing about all the stories you have gathered. Amazing! DEFINITELY get the book done.

I very much enjoyed your talk. You are a born storyteller and entertainer. And it looks like you’ve got a BIG smart heart too! 

I really enjoyed your energy and passion while you were talking. And I love the metaphor with the spoon.

Thank you for such an authentic session in the Aspire conference. It touched a chord when you shared your story – your strength and resilience.

I absolutely loved the conference and in particular your session. It rang so true with me. Your money worksheet is also brilliant! 

I loved all your presentation. You are very eloquent and your journey resonates. I loved the three stories and tips you shared too. I think you were spot on about being clear about values. It’s a sure path to understanding our purpose. Genuine conversations mean so much too and are so valuable. Thank you so much for sharing.

I got so much from your session at Aspire. Your comment about having proper conversations struck such a cord. It made me wonder how many other people crave this. 

Thank you Charlotte, really thought provoking. I was totally onboard with the spoon by spoon analogy.

Yes, Charlotte – nourishing ourselves to where we need to be!

Thank you Charlotte, so much of that resonates with me. I love the way you speak. So engaging!

Spoon by Spoon – a very useful analogy. Great speaker – really resonated with me.

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