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Coaching Psychologist, Writer and Photographer (that’s my maiden name)

Here are some startling stats. There are 5.15 billion mobile/cell phone users on the planet (up by 121 million in 12 months). Nearly 60% of us access the internet (4.57 billion people) and this increases by nearly a million new users every day.

Well, what’s not to like? Great being so well connected? Then why the dramatic increase in loneliness, mental health disorders and growing sense of unease? It’s because most of these “conversations” are deeply superficial.

Between August 2019 and October 2020 I spoke to over 100 people from 22 different countries going through change in their lives, be it work, health or relationships. Very quickly it became clear that truly listening truly makes a difference.

I live in my head a lot and it’s a bit of a jungle in there. It’s been really useful to get perspective again. It cleared out the cobwebs and gave me more clarity, which I’ve been lacking. It’s been really helpful and interesting and has given me more positivity.” Cecilia, Curated Conversation client

Feel like you need to spring clean your own cobwebs? Want one hour to discover what’s holding you back? Then click here for more about Curated Conversations.

In 2018 Michelle was on a training course. A coach, coaching supervisor and book writer, Michelle had been looking for coaching cards with images but no words. She searched high, she searched low… but to no avail. And then in one of the sessions she met a psychologist and photographer with dusty photos languishing on her computer. That was me. A match made in coaching heaven.

Together Michelle and I have created Liminal Muse Conversations – a photographic coaching intervention that encourages people to work in creative ways to unlock their emotions. To find out more click here.

Want to know about my psychology and coaching qualifications then check this out here.

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