Tyranny of the Shoulds podcast

Have you ever done things just to be liked, or to fit in, or because you feel you should?  If you have too many “shoulds” in your life then this is the podcast for you.  

In this series I’ll be helping you uncover your Tyranny of the Shoulds. Each episode I’ll pick one “should”, something society tells us we must do, and I’ll ask guests to share how it impacted their lives, what they do to avoid these shoulds and advice they could offer you.

Episode 1: Chasing the Money. I explore with Pete and Claire why they took on “big” jobs, what long hours and stress did to their health and why they’ve pivoted to something quite different now. For background on the topics discussed click here.

Feedback so far (it has only been live for a few days – you people are lovely)….

It felt cathartic to listen to – it’s not everyday that we intimately peek into the lives of others – especially when it comes to private matters such as money, sacrifice, and regret.”

This is such a fantastic first episode – easy to listen to, engaging, and natural. There was a wonderful flow and you unpacked so many interesting considerations and traps that we all fall into.”

Wow this is fab. I love the conversational tone. Move over Oprah and Prince Harry!

It comes across really well! You’re a brilliant host. Can’t wait to hear the others.

What I really like is how authentic it is. You’ve crafted a lovely, authentic and powerful first podcast, with great conversational style and chemistry. You’re a fantastic host and your series is going to be fab if you keep this up.

Well that was brilliant. Looking forward to the next one.”

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