Feedback on writing

I Just came across your super blogs by chance today and ‘lost’ my morning reading them! Some lovely metaphors, photography and real stories there… well done.”

Another AHA moment. It happens every time I read your blog!”

I love your weekly perspective on and life and living. Do continue to write because you are talented and provide a salve for the weary, confused and discontented soul.”

You write insightfully with compassion and humour. A rare talent!”

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your poignant, spot-on and witty writings (always good to have a chuckle!).

“You are magnificent! Marvellous! Tapping into something that is very relevant. I am following you with great interest!

Love it. An intricate interweaving of ideas, references and wisdom.

The blog is stunning. Beautifully crafted, so clear, and even at 1500 words still so concise. There’s some really unbelievable storytelling involved in it, all of which is delicately handled and easy to follow (not easy to read – it’s a hard read, but necessarily so, and only because it strikes at the humanity of what we’re truly facing with this crisis).

Interesting, poignant, thought provoking. You have a knack for telling a ‘story’ and putting a point across.

“I LOVE this latest article – sums up my journey to a T. I have been wearing what I call my ‘Head Girl Hat’ for the last 30 or so years and I am so ready to throw it off and do some rebelling…

“I just finished reading all your articles. They are thought provoking and written in an easily accessible style using wonderful language. The inclusion of wisdom from thought leaders gives your articles a weighty feel. I am off to investigate those thought leaders and expand my own knowledge. Looking forward to your next instalment!

A very touching and humanly connecting piece of writing with great balance. I don’t doubt there will be more interesting insights to come… Please do keep me updated.”

Beautifully explored and written as always, your posts really help me to stop, learn and reflect.

I think your blog is very inspiring and all the themes you touch on are so relevant for so many people.

OK, OK, I’ll stop now. But it warms the cockles to hear that people like what I write. I’m off to polish my pen.

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