Feedback on Curated Conversations

I found it absolutely wonderful. I don’t get talk about parts of my life very often. So it was lovely to be able to put some of that into context and connect things in a way that I haven’t been able to before.”  Zee

I enjoyed all of it really. I enjoy being able to explore my feelings and you’ve made me think about things. You’ve encouraged me to consider things from an angle I hadn’t thought about before. Talking to you helped remind me of important things that I lose sight of sometimes.” Malcolm

Just verbalising what I’ve been thinking is quite powerful. I think powerful for myself to hear it.” Milly

It’s been very helpful for me, particularly because I delivered this talk on Saturday. Because that was a huge milestone for me. It’s been very helpful for me to just process a bit, like a mini coaching session. It’s allowing me to process some of the stuff that happened and to do a bit more work on it. I’ve really found it helpful and very timely.” John

Really useful. Until you asked me a question and I put it into words I didn’t realise I wasn’t following my own advice.  It gave me a lot more clarity.” Jenny

I enjoyed it. It’s a reflective conversation which I find useful and interesting. It’s brought some things to the fore that I want to take action on. It’s always interesting to hold yourself up to a mirror and hear and think about what you’ve just said.” David

There have been a couple of things that I’d never thought about before. And I’ve realised now that there is a theme here.” Anna

Helpful for me because it’s good just to be able to share these things even just by saying them to another person. It feels like you get them off your chest a little bit. There were even a couple things that I said that were poignant, that were like, ‘oh, that’s a good one.'” Eli

I’m glad you sent those follow up questions [after the conversation]. It got me to step back and monitor my progress, which has been difficult to do in these trying times.” Yazmeen

Thanks so much for sending the transcript – it feels special to read an interview about myself!” Daniel

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