I found it absolutely wonderful. I don’t get talk about parts of my life very often. So it was lovely to be able to put some of that into context and connect things in a way that I haven’t been able to before.”  Zee

I enjoyed all of it – being able to explore my feelings and thinking about things. You’ve encouraged me to consider things from an angle I hadn’t thought about before. Talking to you helped remind me of what’s important that I lose sight of sometimes.” Malcolm

I wanted to thank you for helping me ‘declutter my mind’. I gained from the new perspectives you offered and helped me see, all with appropriate humour which made it light and easy. It was like talking to a doctor with a list of symptoms who helps you connect the dots to see what they might mean. Saves a lot of groping in the dark!” Folake

It was a reflective conversation which I found useful and interesting. It’s brought some things to the fore that I want to take action on. It’s always interesting to hold yourself up to a mirror and hear and think about what you’ve just said.” David

Really useful. Until you asked me a question and I put it into words I didn’t realise I wasn’t following my own advice.  It gave me a lot more clarity.” Jenny

Thanks so much for sending the transcript – it feels special to read an interview about myself!” Daniel

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