Curated Conversations

1) What is a Curated Conversation – does it involve drinks and snacks? No, not unless you bring them yourself (which you’re welcome to do).

A Curated Conversation is a one hour Zoom conversation. I’ll ask you a series of questions to help you through your career dilemma or life challenge. Whilst it is structured, it’s also friendly and open – a way of hearing your thoughts played back and uninterrupted time for yourself. I’ll tape it, turn it into a transcript, analyse the themes and send these back to you, along with thoughts about actions you may like to pursue.

I just immediately warmed to you because you’re so open.  You’re so authentic. You’re just yourself. You don’t bullshit. You don’t pretend. You’re just full of energy and fun and so I had an instinctive trust. I didn’t think I would tell you about my breakup, my upbringing or my parents, or that I’m never good enough. But then I either shared my story or I held back and edited it. But I trusted you so I felt like I’d be comfortable. I didn’t think afterwards ‘Oh my god, what did I say?'”  Anne, Curated Conversation client

2) Will you judge me? No. I’ve had training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Problem Focused Counselling and Coaching, am an Occupational (Organisational) Psychologist, Coaching Psychologist and mediator. I’ve also been through a whole heap of things myself, so why not read my blog here or my professional qualifications here. I’m not a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist so if you have mental health issues please talk to your doctor, psychiatrist or therapist first.

3) Is it confidential? Yes. The conversation will be a safe space to talk about a work based question you want to ask yourself, or a life challenge you’d like to discuss. As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist I have to adhere to a code of ethics and whatever you say will remain completely confidential. I also have regular coaching supervision to ensure I’m coaching ethically and professionally.

4) How much does it cost? £400 (plus VAT) and includes:

  • An initial Zoom call to discuss your career dilemma or life challenge
  • Then a one hour Curated Conversation via Zoom
  • A transcript of the second Zoom session
  • A summary of themes that came up, plus actions you could pursue 
  • If you’d like a further conversation or coaching it’s £100 (plus VAT) per hour

5) Can we go straight to coaching and not do a Curated Conversation? Yes of course. If you know what you want to cover and would prefer to get stuck in, then that’s fine too. I charge £100 (plus VAT) per hour for private individuals and £550 per 90 minute session (minimum length) for Executive Coaching.

You can see more about my coaching experience and qualifications here including client feedback here. My coaching work is also included in this BBC Worklife article.

6) I still have some questions. Can I contact you? Of course please use the button below.

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