Coaching client feedback

“I was looking for coaching to help me with a lack of direction in my professional life. I found working with Charlotte to be a really positive experience, fun and enjoyable. She helped me verbalise and understand what I was experiencing and she used creative ways to explore the direction I wanted to take. She also listened without judgement and identified connections which helped me clarify and find peace with certain learned behaviours and beliefs. She is generously knowledgeable and has a vast breadth of interests. Working with Charlotte has created a really positive momentum for me in my career change.”  Annabel, Spain (five sessions)

“I wanted coaching to support with self-reflection, a career change and to keep healthy after a stressful year. Charlotte balances a rich conversational style, whilst picking out specific things to address – some aren’t initially apparent to me so I’m often (pleasantly) surprised by her suggestions and ideas. She’s a good sounding board, offering insight into my thinking and behaviour patterns, ways to reconcile contradictory interests and has re-introduced a light heartedness into my thinking. Charlotte is highly engaging and personable and I’m enjoying the work we are doing together.” David, Scotland (10 sessions)

“Coaching has been very positive for me. You helped move forward my thinking about my career and also helped me to learn new things about myself. You are very good at observing and reflecting on what you have heard. You’re not afraid to challenge and are enquiring, thoughtful, thought provoking and empathic. I felt very comfortable opening up to you.” Adele UK (five sessions)

“You are a great listener and offer balanced input and feedback. You are both direct and kind, confident and humble, analytical and creative. Those attributes make your ideas and suggestions insightful and valuable. I like your down to earth approach to any issues, challenges and questions. Your different perspectives are brilliant, provide real food for thought and brought about many ‘light bulbs’ moments!  I also felt I was talking to a friend I have known for years – someone who had my best interest at heart and who genuinely wanted to help.” Mylène, UK (six sessions)

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