Sooner Than Expected

I know, I know… so much for taking a break – I can’t keep away. Here I am back at my regular Tuesday morning slot, writing to you. I will lock my laptop away after this, I promise.  Whilst I’m closing the drawer on my blog it’s an opportunity to give my podcast an airing. I’ve recently thrown myself into podcasting with a series I’ve calledContinue reading “Sooner Than Expected”

How long is a piece of string?

This is a good question. If you’re in the market for string you can buy it in many places. DIY store B&Q has 60 metres of cotton twine for sale. Their natural garden twine comes in at 50 metres. Mosey on down to supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and you’ll get general purpose string, although somewhat shorterContinue reading “How long is a piece of string?”

So close and yet so far

Welcome to summer! Normally a time to explore new places, eat different cuisines and stretch our horizons. But this year is different. Many of us will be vacationing closer to home. Holidays that will be far enough away from our neighbourhoods to feel like a break but reducing the risks by staying in our ownContinue reading “So close and yet so far”

Improve your life in six seconds

Om Mani Padme Hum. Or, in its original ancient language of Sanskrit – ॐ मणिपद्मे हूँ If you’ve done any yoga in the past, this chant might be familiar to you. There are debates about its meaning, but “Mani Padme” is often translated as “jewel in the Lotus.” The Lotus flower is ubiquitous across India, East and South-EastContinue reading “Improve your life in six seconds”

Painting with words

“I’m an Olympic swimmer standing in a bucket of water.” That’s how Marcia started our Spoon by Spoon conversation. She painted a picture of everything she needed to say in just ten words. Marcia is from Brazil and has worked in different countries, trying her hand at different types of roles. When we caught up, she wasContinue reading “Painting with words”

Why nothing stays the same

There is no such thing as forever. We’re constantly shape-shifting – getting fatter, getting thinner, getting wiser, getting fitter. Meanwhile trees and plants are growing, buildings are changing, people are coming in and out of our lives, and our moods are constantly fluctuating, like clouds scudding across the sky. We have a strange relationship withContinue reading “Why nothing stays the same”