Four simple things we need to thrive  

Air, water, nutrition, sleep. It’s what keeps us alive. It’s all we need. OK, I agree life wouldn’t be so much fun without the donuts, wine or Netflix. But we would endure. Survival experts use the rule of ‘threes’: we can live for three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks withoutContinue reading “Four simple things we need to thrive  “

Why sometimes we need to crack to let the light in

“Can’t find a house, my business is tanking, there’s a global pandemic and I’ve got terminal cancer. But you know… worse things happen at sea. Not much worse, but worse.” That’s my husband talking and we both find it funny. We lurk in the dark corners of black humour when things are challenging, as theyContinue reading “Why sometimes we need to crack to let the light in”

Staying true to your values — why it will help you flourish

This blog was inspired by a Headspace video on the life of a peony. A plant like a peony looks dead in the winter. But below the ground, it’s still alive. The roots, the plant’s soul, wait patiently for spring and warm weather, sending up new shoots and starting the cycle of birth again. The roots giveContinue reading “Staying true to your values — why it will help you flourish”

The crucial art of telling your story

Storytelling is literally as old as time. And the people telling those stories were around long before historians. Nicholas Read studies indigenous Australian languages at the University of New England in Australia. In this fascinating article by Scientific American he says, “It’s almost unimaginable that people would transmit stories about things like islands that are currently underwater.” AndContinue reading “The crucial art of telling your story”

“Why be happy when you could be normal?”

‘Normal’ has a lot to answer for. We humans like to belong and our mantra is ‘don’t stand out in case you’re cast out.’ Whilst there are wonderful exceptions, we mostly want to blend in. The worlds of fashion, beauty, tech (and plenty of others) would die if we didn’t. Look the same, be the same. Just.Continue reading ““Why be happy when you could be normal?””

Having a ‘calling’: why it’s not always a good thing

Lesser Water Boatman. A beautiful name for a bug. Corixa punctata have bodies shaped like boats and legs like oars. Gold coloured backs and red eyes that darken with age. These tiny creatures skate effortlessly across the water like they’re flying. Olympians diving, punctuating the surface, leaving just a ripple. They feed on algae at the bottomContinue reading “Having a ‘calling’: why it’s not always a good thing”

Running away or running towards? Why it’s important we know the difference

“I was much further out than you thought. And not waving but drowning.” Stevie Smith From a distance it’s hard to know why someone is running. Are they fleeing from or racing to? To the casual observer they look the same. It can be equally baffling to the runner. Some of my Spoon by Spoon interviewees areContinue reading “Running away or running towards? Why it’s important we know the difference”

Why you don’t have to fake it until you make it!

“Fitting in is one of the greatest barriers to belonging. Fitting in is about assessing a situation and becoming who you need to be in order to be accepted. Belonging… doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.” Brené Brown The mantra ‘find your tribe’ is aContinue reading “Why you don’t have to fake it until you make it!”

Stuck in a career change rut? Here’s how to get out

We’ve been cooped up for months. Cheek by jowl with our nearest and (not always) dearest. Holding our tongues, staying calm, being a grown-up when we’d rather throw our toys out of the pram. It’s hard at the best of times, worse still if we don’t like our job. Rome wasn’t built in a day.Continue reading “Stuck in a career change rut? Here’s how to get out”