When science is art and art is science

When I rocked up to a school chemistry class my teacher would sigh. I was good at English and history, art and music. But I was terrible at science. Physics was within touching distance if I really stretched. But chemistry? However hard I tried, I couldn’t work it out. Physics interacted with the world IContinue reading “When science is art and art is science”

Industrialising food and people: why it needs to stop

In our imperfections, may we be known. Kinks and blemishes show our true selves. Make us the same and we lose our essence. Ripen us too fast and we lose our taste. Yet we were on the earth long before you. Whilst you were swimming in the sea, Blowing bubbles, bobbing and floating, We wereContinue reading “Industrialising food and people: why it needs to stop”

Why this isn’t the time to set resolutions

Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day. Rain, rain, rain. It’s been falling for days. I look out at the leaden sky as huge raindrops pound the windowsill and bounce heavily on the grass outside. Will it ever stop? I’ve been indoors for weeks. OK, two days, but it feels much longer. I giveContinue reading “Why this isn’t the time to set resolutions”

When giving is really receiving

With the Christmas holidays upon us, my mind turns to gift giving. I thought I’d share with you a particular type of present: a Chewbacca present. This is something we buy for ourselves under the guise of buying it for another.  The name comes from the first Chewbacca present. It was selected by my husband in the late 1970s.Continue reading “When giving is really receiving”

The importance of Friends (not the sitcom)

Brown. It’s the colour of the 1970s.  This is my family, all dressed up in 1974. My father an embodiment of brown, from his beard to his suit, and the rest of us with our hair, the shoes, the cushion. Even the dog is on trend. Brown is definitely à la mode.  My mother andContinue reading “The importance of Friends (not the sitcom)”

Why the steep road is less travelled

Shaun is in his mid 50’s, a successful businessman and consultant. He’s also one of my Spoon by Spoon interviewees. In recent years he feels he’s lost his way a bit in his career and when we caught up months ago, he was in a reflective mood.   Shaun shared lots of stories about his life.Continue reading “Why the steep road is less travelled”

How our strength comes from letting go

Every year 20,000 angry earthquakes shake the planet. If you’ve never felt one, it’s a disturbing experience. I was in New Zealand years ago during a mild one. Even that was really unsettling.  Many severe earthquakes live up to their name. When the earth literally quakes, so do we. It’s fundamental to our confidence toContinue reading “How our strength comes from letting go”

Why there is no light without the dark

Here’s a multiple-choice question. How is Paloma Faith, the singer, songwriter and actress, connected with Chinese philosophy?  a) Did she date a Chinese philosopher called Zhang Wei? b) Does she originate from China? c) Like Chinese philosophy, is she two thousand years old? Or, d) None of the above?* Answer: It’s d). I’ll explain below. Continue reading “Why there is no light without the dark”

Why we are supposed to sing and dance

Thank you, Tim, for introducing me to Alan. Hello Alan.  Alan can’t hear me because he’s dead. Sorry, it’s true. He died in 1973. Yet his ideas are as fresh as a daisy, despite pushing up daises. I trust he won’t mind my irreverence as Alan Watts was a Buddhist and a philosopher. He alsoContinue reading “Why we are supposed to sing and dance”

What I say is not what you hear

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw During the Korean War, a British army unit was holding a hill above an important river. But the British were on the back foot, surrounded and increasingly becoming outnumbered by the Chinese army: eight to one. The BritishContinue reading “What I say is not what you hear”