Sooner Than Expected

Photo by Connor Betts on Unsplash

I know, I know… so much for taking a break – I can’t keep away. Here I am back at my regular Tuesday morning slot, writing to you. I will lock my laptop away after this, I promise. 

Whilst I’m closing the drawer on my blog it’s an opportunity to give my podcast an airing. I’ve recently thrown myself into podcasting with a series I’ve called “Tyranny of the Shoulds.” Each episode is a chat with people about their own shoulds; the first is “Chasing the Money,” how focusing on money in our careers can burn us out and make us miserable. 

The second episode has just gone live: “Milestones that become Millstones” – how we work so hard to achieve goals in our lives that don’t deliver what we expect. 

The third podcast will be out in September: “Lighting the Fire.” The Irish poet W B Yeats once said: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” So why do we spend so much time at college studying the wrong courses, doing what it expected, then pivoting later in life? 

You can listen to “Tyranny of the Shoulds” on Spotify:

Or on Apple podcasts:

Or on other platforms:

If you like what you hear please do share the podcasts with others. Happy summer! 

This is part of a series called Spoon by Spoon — a project I’ve run interviewing 100 people going through career, relationship and wider life changes. If you’re looking for support with your own career or life change find out more here.

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