65 hours in 100 words: a microblogging challenge

Last week a friend forwarded me the 100 word Microfiction 2020 challenge. It’s a competition that challenges writers around the world to create very short stories, 100 words max.

The email languished in my inbox for days and when I turned my attention to it, I’d missed the deadline.

So instead I thought, “Why not write just 100 words for my next blog”? As Polonius says in Hamlet, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Could I continue my journey to greater succinctness? Like a good stock, better when reduced?

I mean it can’t be that hard to distill 65 hours of Spoon by Spoon interviews. Can it? A Twitter-blog. A super skinny “Spoon-lite.”

So here goes:

“Don’t listen to your parents — what was good for them (then) isn’t good for you (now). Life is short. Do it now. Better to try and fail than not bother. People don’t think about you as much as you think they do (or think they should). They do however quite like you to stay where you are. We judge ourselves harder than we judge others. What comes easily is a good start for a career (or career change). Happiness is under-rated. Stuff is over-rated. Money won’t make you happy. Well, it will for a while and then it won’t.”

Apparently there were thousands of cash prizes available to the winners of the Microfiction competition. But as they say, you have to be in it, to win it. So no money for me then. But didn’t I say money won’t make you happy?

This is part of a series called Spoon by Spoon — a project I’ve run interviewing 100 people going through career, relationship and wider life changes. If you’re looking for support with your own career or life change find out more here.

Photo copyright of Charlotte Sheridan

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