If you could turn back time, would you be more brave?

What if we could go back in time? I’ve found a way.

I’m interviewing 100 people going through career and life changes and I ask them what wisdom they would share with their younger selves.

Here are some of their pearls:

“Be brave.”

“Why wait? Why not start now? You don’t need permission.”

“Worry less about what might happen. You won’t get lost. You will find your way.”

“Listen to how you feel more than what you think.”

“You’re only here once. Do something between 9–5 that puts a smile on your face.”

“Be more kind to yourself.”

“Don’t get too upset about what’s bothering you now. With time and distance most things become less important.”

“Life takes unexpected turns. Sometimes it’s things that you really love and it’s surprising. But it’s okay if things don’t go according to plan.”

“Have more fun. Take life a little less seriously.”

“Nothing’s black or white. Not every decision is the end of the world. Don’t be so scared of everything.”

“People aren’t as focused on you as you think. They are in their own heads, their own worlds. And what they think doesn’t really matter anyway.”

“We think that when we’re older we’ll have it all figured out. But really, I haven’t felt different since I was 18.”

I ask them if they are heeding their own advice now? Most of them say yes. So, what advice would you give your younger self? Are you listening to that advice now?

This is part of a series called Spoon by Spoon — a project I’ve run interviewing 100 people going through career, relationship and wider life changes. If you’re looking for support with your own career or life change find out more here.

Photos copyright of Charlotte Sheridan

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